About Yash Solar

Reduce your energy bills, without compromising in your lifestyle.


Yash Solar is a movement to use solar energy for our day to day life instead of going for conventional energy source. During our research work we found there is a huge difference between demand and supply of electricity. Our purpose is to create awareness about solar energy among people. We believe in a motto i.e. 1 watt electricity saved is a 1 watt gain for those area facing tremendous electricity problem.


We have been doing online grid interactive, Off grid roof top solar power plants, solar street lighting, solar water heater, solar water pumps, solar for Petrol pumps. We provide are Micro Solar Plants-meaning that they can be a primary source of electricity generation in your home, reducing your dependence on and consumption of state-supplied power. This means greater independence from erratic electricity supply, power cuts and excessive electricity bills as the revolutionary product has been designed in a way that it recovers only the differential current from grid supply. These are developed based on the idea powered with high cost performance, equipped with high stability, reliability and high practical applicability.


We provide best quality Poly crystalline PV module, Anodized Aluminum Panel Mount Structure for longer life and aesthetics. The unit can be used in apartments, independent houses and offices which take up to 60 sqft per KW on the rooftop. Our solar management unit gives first priority to the solar power than grid electricity. The Power plants are intelligent smart grid systems that generate your own electricity using the solar power even with the availability of Grid. When the solar output power is greater than the required load power, the intelligent hybrid power controller will deliver the excess power to charge the battery. When electricity generated is less than required, it will take only the differential excess power requirement from the grid. Thus the system efficiently manages the Solar Power saving on Energy Bill, while contributing to a greener environment.


We also provide customized Solar lights and fans to the people where there is no grid at all. We are able to create good number of satisfied customer because we understand their need and budget they want to spend.


We have a team of dedicated Sales persons who are trained to understands the need of our client and recommend them solar power system. In this process we help our customer to save that extra Rupee during installation. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to install micro and macro solar power plant within stipulated time. Their understanding of equipments , polite behavior and courtesy always help our customer to keep their owned solar power plant in good condition. We have a strong back office customer care team who takes care of our installed power plant by keeping information from our customer by making phone calls. We value our every single customer.