Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Why should we go for solar?

It is a very interesting question asked by people. Followings are few reasons why we should go for solar energy. 

# Solar energy is absolutely free and plentily available in this part of the world.

# By using this energy we don’t pollute the environment unlike any other source of energy.

# This is a renewable form of energy source.

# As all irrenewable energy sources are depleting day by day so we have to go for this source which is absolutely free.

We have heard that the cost of installation is too high, isn’t it?

This is another question we generally face in the market and also an important one. In earlier days of solar plant installations used to be very high but now it is quite economical. In most of the cases a person does have a payback period of 2.5 years as one saves hundreds of units of grid electricity. This is only source of parallel energy which has a negligible recurring expense in comparison to others.

I live in a town why should I go for this solar energy as there is hardly any power cut occurs in our area?

There are primarily two reasons why you should go for using solar energy,

a) In current scenario the unit cost of electricity is going up day by day and our daily use of electricity is also increasing. So if we use this free solar energy to use our electrical appliances then definitely we will save money.

b) The unit of electricity we save is the gain of the people who are living in villages where electricity problem is very high. There are some rural areas where they avail only 8 hrs day that to on a higher side. As a responsible citizen we should save electricity to help those people of rural areas without compromising on our life style.

We have heard so many times about solar energy is free, How is it possible as we are paying the installation cost?

This one is the most frequently asked question. Once you install a solar power plant then you don’t need to change solar modules for 20 years as most of the quality modules carry warranty of 20 years. For storage purpose you need to change batteries for every 6 to 8 years. So when we compare the other resources say for generator, it has initial cost and on every use you need to spend diesel or petrol which is again a recurring expenses. If you calculate the total cost incurred on these two energy providing equipment for 10 years then you will see a huge difference. Same is in case of inverter because battery is charged through grid electric current.

We are already having an inverter at home, can it be converted into solar inverter?

Yes we can convert it into solar inverter with added advantages by adding our equipment and solar modules.


What are those added advantages?

# Now you are charging battery with grid current but by using our equipment your inverter battery will be charged through solar. 

# Our system is so designed that it gives first priority to charge your inverter battery through solar.                

# When your battery will be fully charged then the surplus solar energy in day time will be utilized to run the appliances connected to inverter.

What about the maintenance part of these equipments?

These equipments can be maintained easily by following some easy steps.

# Dusting of the solar module once in a fortnight for maximum power generation.

# Checking and filling distilled water level in battery from time to time.

We provide a buzzer in our system to remind you to follow these steps.

From where will we get these equipments?

You can contact us on the numbers mentioned in our website. Our executive will come to your place for proper understanding of your requirement and then we will start our process of installation.

Why will we trust Yash Solar?

We have already installed 200 small solar power plants and someone must be nearer to you. If you want to check our system’s performance then contact us, our executive will provide our customer’s address, mobile number nearest to your place. You can have a detailed conversation and take feedback from our existing customers. Our clients are our pride and we don’t hide them and our R&D revolves around the need of customer.

After reading all these questions and answers my final question will be should I go for it?

Our answer would be “Yes” as a responsible citizen everybody should use and encourage people to use solar power. As it is environment friendly and renewable form of energy. You are contributing to society and environment without compromising your life style. If people will start thinking about solar energy then a day will come when we will be regarded as energy surplus country. Above all we should leave a good environment and some other energy source for our next generation.